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Why should I outsource?
Outsourcing allows you to focus on core business, free internal resources, reduce fixed operating costs. It provides costs saving opportunity by over 50%. Most of fortune 500 companies are taking advantage of hiving off their back office to outsourcing company. There is high probability that your competitors might be already enjoying the benefit of outsourcing.
Q2. What are the benefits of offshore processing?
  • Cost - Salaries of accounting and bookkeeping professionals are significantly lower in India than North America. This wage differential translates into cost savings. On other side we do not compromise on quality of work.
  • Pool of talent - India has a large resource English speaking and highly qualified and experienced professionals. All our associates are experienced in their domain area.
  • Infrastructure- Indian economy is growing at very fast paced. All the developed countries are preferred India as their next business opportunity. India in last few years done significant development in telecommunication and internet infrastructure.
  • Time Zone -There is a time differential between onshore and offshore destinations which translates into a virtual 24 hours of working.
What are pricing options available?
  • Full time equivalent pricing (FTE)
  • Project base pricing
  • Hourly based
Q4. What is staff profile of PGFS?
Ans We are team of professionals from USA, Canada and India. Team includes professionals having accounting designation from different countries, B.Com.
Q5. When PGFS incorporated?
Ans PGFS was incorporated in 1992 and having nearly 20 years of experience in accounting and finance domain.
Q6. How do we ensure client's confidentiality?
Ans We respect confidentiality and keep all the information acquired during rendering services highly confidential. We always maintain high standard of privacy. We will not release to any person directly or indirectly any information we have received. We sign confidentiality and non disclosure agreement with all our clients. We follow stringent procedure for hiring our associates. PGFS has internal checks, controls and standard operating procedures re confidentiality of data. PGFS implements bench mark policies related client’s confidentiality and data.
Q7. Why PGFS?
Ans We have over 20 years of hands on experience in accounting, finance and tax domain for various countries. PGFS has global team from USA, Canada and India. We have successfully served many clients throughout the globe and assisted them to increase their top line, reduce their operational cost and exceptional turnaround time. We are professional and global experience people understand global standards.
Q8. What are infrastructures available at your offshore centre?
Ans PGFS has two state of the art facilities in Mumbai, India. We are equipped with most advanced IT technologies. We have redundant internet facility in order have un interrupted working hours. Currently we have almost 150 people capacity.
Q9. What is turnaround time?
Ans In most of the cases and preference of clients, it is next business day.
Q10. What kind of software PGFS uses for accounting, payroll and tax preparation?
Ans PGFS domain experience in accounting, finance and tax over 20 years, we have experienced in almost all popular software. PGFS is group of accounting and IT professionals and we assure our client that we are adaptable to any software and technology. Rest assure that software you are using it, there is significant probability that our team has hands on experience on that.
Q11. Can we have pilot run?
Ans PGFS is backed by global quality at less than 50% cost and that makes us confident that once you run pilot you will PGFS family member. We will tailor made the process and we will pilot run per your needs.
Q12. What are pre requisite to start the outsourcing with PGFS?
Ans Once you have made up your mind, there are three different option available, remote set up where PGFS log in to your server, cloud technology- third part provider and PGFS facility. Choice depends upon nature and volume of work.
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