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At PGFS we provide secured outsourcing solution to our clients. Following are few of the outsourcing model we work on.

Remote Access:

  • Our PGFS staff will access your software remotely and process the data. Your record will never leave your office.
  • Hardware requirements to start: Scanner, PC, Internet connection
  • Solution ideal for: Clients who do not want information to leave the office.
  • Recommendation: High

Application Service Provider (ASP)

  • In this model PGFS will use ASP to login to their software securely and perform all the work. This is similar to Remote Access, we access ASP company's server securely instead of your server to perform the accounting tasks
  • Hardware needed to start: Scanner, PC, Internet connection, ASP service
  • Solution ideal for: Clients want access anywhere in the world through internet
  • Recommendation: Medium


  • In this model all scanned documents will be uploaded to secure server. PGFS staff will download files from secured server and process at offshore centre in Mumbai. Once the work is processed file will be uploaded by PGFS staff to the secured server. Client will be informed that work is ready and then client can download the file
  • Hardware needed to start: Scanner, PC, Internet connection
  • Ideal for: Clients wanting faster data processing
  • Recommendation: High

For detail logistics of different models please email us at info@pgfsin.com and we will provide you detail information.

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