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PGFS provides accounting, tax and finance solutions to accounting firms, tax preparers and small/medium enterprises. We incorporated in 1992 and since then we provide outstanding solutions to organization like yours to leverage on our resources to succeed in their core areas of functionality.

PGFS team includes qualified accountants from USA, Canada and India having over two decades of domain experience in accounting, tax and finance. Our team has experience working in Big 4 in North America and India.

PGFS has proven track record and with advantages we are bringing to organization like yours, most of the time we get a feedback that “why we have not started PGFS advantage” many years before.

Many Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing their significant work in order to have significant cost advantage and quick turnaround time. On similar grounds, many organization like your started feeling that they are left behind, PGFS taps this market and gives remarkable advantages by working as part of organization give a platform to save cost by over 50% and spend more time on core functionalities.





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