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PGFS unique process provides virtual resources to organization like yours in accounting, bookkeeping and payroll and save cost by over 50%. Day to day accounting and compliance reporting requires significant resources. We have pool of professionals who can mange your needs on daily basis or as and when require depending upon volume and your preference. You do not require worrying about hiring and paying the cost for accounting staff. In most of the cases the need is not on full time basis but still you are end up in hiring full time bookkeeper.

PGFS qualified staff can provide solution on any accounting software with remarkable turnaround time and quality. Organization amazes by cost saving of over 50% without compromising benefits of having all in house benefits which is provided by PGFS.

Organization cost is not only salary but there are other intangible costs like mandatory contributions, vacation pay and also you have to add your resources available to this employee. Cost mounts to salary plus approximate 15% to 20% on these benefits and your resource cost.

PGFS provides from simple solutions like bookkeeping, payroll, GST/sales tax, income tax to complex services like CFO on demand, compiling financial statements, act as facilitator between organization and your accountant for year end audit or review or compiling financial information.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • GST/Sales tax
  • Corporate income tax
  • Financial statements preparation
  • CFO services
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