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Cost Savings:
Outsource has been very popular in many large fortune 500 companies, which has given them competitive advantages in cost, turnaround time, volume management, getting global talents and many more….

Organization like yours started feeling left behind and they want to get all the advantages which are attributed to outsource. PGFS domain knowledge in accounting and finance along with experienced global team provide outsourcing as a rightsource to organization like yours.

PGFS proposition is better quality at effective cost with remarkable turnaround time. PGFS global team comes from USA, Canada and India. We are committed to provide right outsource solutions to our clients.

Cost saving:

PGFS process brings over 50% saving to our clients with world class quality standards. PGFS helps you to save on hiring, training, overhead resource cost, idle resources cost, mandatory contribution cost and many more.

PGFS experience:

We are providing services world wide and backed by global team. We are incorporated in year 1992. Our many team member has experience of over 20 years in accounting and finance domain. PGFS experience team we deliver more than expected from PGFS. We believe in Right Source as outsource partner to our clients.

Balancing busy period:

Certain months require significant resources compare to other months, say in case of accounting firms/tax preparers two to three months where activity level is significantly high where one require more staff. Once busy period gets over the question is what to do with additional resources where activity drops significantly. PGFS unique solution assist to mange extra work load by providing quality and trained staff. You are worry free from idle resources, hiring, training and dealing with temp staff. PGFS assures you quality with cost effectiveness of global standard.


By using PGFS clients can focus on their domain work while PGFS can perform all routine work for them at reasonable cost / rate. Now you can think about diverting resources toward high value services which leads to increase in top line. PGFS take care of hiring, training and adding resources as and when require.

24/7 operations:

Timing difference works in your favor, when you go home, PGFS starts working on the project and when you arrive next day work is ready for you.

Quick turnaround:

PGFS hires quality professional having global experience and understanding of client’s preferences. In most of the cases PGFS has capabilities to deliver on time and meet client’s expectations.


PGFS team includes professionals from USA, Canada and India having worked in different countries and industries. We provide rigorous training and have internal checks and standard operating procedures (SOP) to manage high quality standard. By saving over 50%, client’s get global standard product.

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